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Peace of Mind - Understanding Microinsurance and Takaful for Small Businesses (English Version)

Who is there for you and your business when the unforeseen happens? Like Fire and Burglary? This course teaches you how to insure your business so you have peace of mind and focus on your business. 


Nigeria Tax Academy

  • 8 chapters
  • 11 lessons

Course Details

One of the biggest fears of any Business Owner is what happens when my business encounters a major setback. there is a 
Before we start this course, there are some questions you need to ponder over;
1. What do you know about insurance?
2. What are your expectations from insurance?
3. What experiences have you had with and from insurance?

These questions and more will be discussed in the course. 

A little insight into Takaful insurance - 
This insurance started in the late 70s as a Sharia-compliant organization, although this insurance is open to everyone, regardless of ethnicity or religion. 

Course content

  • NGN 2,400.00 / One time